How to show and hide screens from Lua

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There has GOT to be a way to switch between screens from Lua, but I can't figure it out. 
I know how to do it from an action due to an action. 
Can someone tell me how to do it, please?

Answer :

There isn't a way to call a screen transition directly from Lua.

You can create a custom event such as "HOME_SCREEN" and then have it trigger a transition to the home screen when you call gre.send_event("HOME_SCREEN")

If there are too many screens and you don't want to set up an event for each screen you can create a generic "change_screen" event and have it trigger a transition at the application context and make the screen name a variable. Then simply set the variable with the new screen name and trigger the event.




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    Just to add to Jason's post the custom event in this case could also be created as type 'Self' so that it is more obvious that this is self-triggering event (the arrow on the event icon is pointing down). Sending an event like this conditionally from a Lua function is a great way to create a dynamic navigation flow for example based on application state.

    Using this technique you can then add multiple actions etc on the back of this trigger event arriving.

    Take a look at the 'Buttons and Sliders' sample that we bundle with the Storyboard install for how POWER_ON and POWER_OFF events are used to (self) trigger multiple actions.


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