Rotary dial knob control example

Here is an example of a rotary knob style control similar to that of a volume or mixer control. With this control, the inner image is rotated around its' center axis and in this case, the angular position is calculated and displayed. Touch and motion events are tracked and resolved to a rotation angle using trigonometry in Lua script and used to dynamically reposition the image.

It should be simple to replace the images with an alternative design as needed however be careful to set the alignment properties of the images to be horizontal centre-vertical centre, Rotaion-'Rotate around center of control' otherwise the image is rendered incorrectly on movement.

The artwork itself was generated using and imported from Photoshop.

This is a complete Storyboard project saved as an archive file. To import this to your workspace select File->Import->Projects from Folder or Archive->Archive then browse to the zip file, open and import the Eclipse project.

Project archive download link




  • Hello Jamie!

    This file doesn't exists. Could you share it again please?

  • Hi Humberto,

    We are currently updating links. I sent you an email with the archive.




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