What are the project size limits when storing resources to SD

We're currently building a graphical user interface to run on a PIC32MZ2064DA MCU, which will contain around a hundred pages.

Each page represents a use case using different images.

Not all of these images can fit into the available RAM, so we've always intended to store alot of them on an SD card, so that the storyboard engine only loads the right images when a page needs them.

The tests I've carried out so far suggest that the storyboard engine doesn't have the capacity to simply copy into RAM the resources needed to render a page.

How can I solve this problem?



  • Hi Marc,

    I believe that your colleague Eliot is also engaging with us through a support ticket.

    We have undertaken a review of the memory map for you project and the SDRAM region where the binary filesystem content from the SD card is being relocated.

    With some restructuring and re-organization the filesystem region has been increased to around 26MB from 7MB. It will hopefully give you enough headroom for your application development.

    We are looking at potential solutions for adding a more dynamic approach to managing the application assets from SD card.

    My colleague Brett will be reaching out to you though the support channel shortly.



  • Wow! 7 to 26, that's going to help a lot.

    I'm sure this will limit the use of LUA, but as you know, we only use it to implement the controller part of the MVC concept.

    I've given guidelines to the Storyboard developers that will be relayed to the GUI designer so that the use of fonts and images is under control.

    When can I get a copy of the linker file ?

    I've cancelled all my meetings today to get our Storyboard project running on the SB Engine you delivered last Friday.

  • Brett will hopefully be in touch later today with the details around the linker and memory map changes as a first step.

    In parallel we have also been working with Eliot on the steps for enabling the Lua plugin script support.


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