Capturing Custom Events as Part of Capture Playback

I've found that Capture Playback is one of the most useful features Storyboard provides for testing.
Allowing for consistency across every test run, it can be invaluable when running performance or integration tests.
However, some users have mentioned that they wish they could record incoming custom events as part of the event capture file that Capture Playback uses.

The good news it that Capture Playback already supports this!

It may not be immediately obvious, but you can specify events for Capture Playback to listen to via capture_events.

This option is also exposed in Storyboard Designer's Storyboard Simulator Configuration window as part of the field Capture Event Filter:

As you can see under the Storyboard Engine Command Line, the event "my_custom_event" is now specified as an event that the Capture Playback plugin should listen to and will record any instances this event to the event_capture.txt file.

Additionally, you can add multiple events to listen to simply by using a colon ":" as the separator between the event names like so:

This functionality is incredibly useful for implementing robust testing for your application's development.




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