How to Align Rich Text Vertically

Some users have reported that the vertical-alignment style attribute for rich text does not function properly.
Reports mention that after specifying this attribute, the text does not properly adjust itself to the vertical alignment of the text render extension that it is contained in.

If we take a look at the documentation for this option it is described as:

The vertical-align attribute
specifies the vertical alignment
of the text with it's line. 

This means that actually this option is meant to adjust the vertical alignment of the text within it's on typographic glyph line as opposed to the space that the text render extension occupies.

Currently the rich text implementation does not have an attribute for this kind of alignment.
However, it can still be implemented by instead specifying a Y Position value for the rich text render extension itself:

To go further, this field can be bound to a variable which, of course, can then be programmatically updated to an appropriate value if the control's dimensions change, for example. 




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