Integrating Map Navigation tools into Storyboard

A number of customers have projects where they would like to integration Map APIs to integrate maps for things like navigation. 

There are a few key points regarding this that are important to establish prior. Firstly, it's important to note that the actual integration of these mapping services will vary depending on the service being used.

What is the plan for rendering the gps map? Use the REST API along with a Map Image API to retrieve a pre-rendered image of the map? etc.

So instead of discussing the variable specifics, the main point that is important to know is how it would be displayed.

From a high level perspective a map can be integrated using the “punch through” method which is also how one can integrate media in their app.
This method is described in this GStreamer article under “Dual Framebuffer Approach”:

Essentially, the two systems (UI and the Map) will run separately and then the UI will be composed on top of the map. This can be done via a second frame buffer like the article describes or a second window if a window manager like Weston is being used.





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