How to control your application with physical buttons -- no touchscreen

Some users have hardware that do not contain touch screens, only physical buttons, and have wondered how to integrate these button presses into their Storyboard app.

As a simplistic, high level view explanation:
The way to do this would be that you would have a service outside of Storyboard which would be handling receiving the input from your physical buttons.
From there, you would send events to your Storyboard App via SBIO or gr_application_send_event (depending on platform) based on these inputs.
You could then tie those incoming events to Focus based actions that allow you to set which controls are in Focus. This allows you to set up specific actions based on the in-focus controls. And so you would then be able to control and navigate your application as normal.

In terms of how you would then navigate your application, I recommend taking a look at this post which discusses the Actions that can be used to navigate an application using only Keyboard input.

Once you take a closer look at the post and the sample then you can see it is a small jump to incorporate incoming custom events that were generated by your physical button presses.

If you have any further questions you can contact us at and we'd be happy to provide further information more specific to your use-case.




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