New Updates To Storyboard Designer's UI

8.0 recently introduced some nice quality of life changes to Storyboard Designer's UI.

If you are a user of previous Storyboard versions, you may notice right away when you boot into 8.0 that the default perspective view in Designer has been cleaned up.



Instead of having extra options presented to you right away, they are instead accessible in their related perspectives and workflows. 

Secondly, the Storyboard Designer editor has been overhauled to allow users to focus on the parts of the UI.
This can be seen right away when you select an element of your application.

This allows for a less cluttered work area and it's much nicer to work with centered content.
These changes areespecially nice for new users as it's much more approachable than before. But even veteran developers can appreciate working with a cleaner UI.




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