Improve Your Workflow - Terminal Sessions Inside Storyboard Designer

Often times during development you will be jumping back and forth between Storyboard and Terminal sessions.
This could be because you're making changes to your Storyboard app, exporting to a target and running a remote session to said target. There could be any number of reasons why you're using a terminal, but this can be a bit of a hassle; tabbing between these windows constantly.

What if you only had to have Storyboard open and access a terminal from within it?

Luckily, since Storyboard is an Eclipse-based IDE this gives you access to Eclipse plugins.

TM Terminal is an Eclipse plugin that adds a fully working command line terminal within your Eclipse editor.
It comes with a variety of terminal sessions that you can run:

This would enable you to never have to leave Storyboard during this development cycle, which can really add up in time saved and reduce frustration.

To install, first you will need to install the Eclipse Marketplace Client if you don't have it already.
Once it's installed, open it in Designer via Help>Eclipse Marketplace

From there you can browse for TM Terminal and begin the installation process.
It's that simple, and is definitely worth the time setting up.




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