3 Quality of Life Improvements in Storyboard 8.0

Some of the best additions with new software versions also happen to be the smallest.
With the introduction of Storyboard 8.0 comes many quality of life changes that really make developing with Storyboard even easier than it already was.

Let's take a look at 3 new improvements in 8.0.

1. Variables For Wrap Values On Tables

In Storyboard, Tables have the ability to toggle wrapping on the rows and columns of the Table.
Previously, setting these toggles had to be done in Designer and these toggles could not be adjusted at runtime. To mimic this behavior at runtime required a workaround that wasn't quite intuitive.

However, with 8.0 comes the possibility to now bind variables to these wrap properties!
Now you can easily control the wrap settings any time you wish.


2. Copy Path On Layers Includes The Screen Name

Previously when you perform a Right Click > Copy Path on a Layer you would only copy the name of the Layer. Most of the time this wasn't very helpful as you were likely trying to access properties of the Layer, and to do that you would need the fully qualified name, which means you need to include the Screen name.

With 8.0 it will now also copy the Screen name automatically. This is a nice time-save and will lead to less confusion when accessing a property of the Layer doesn't work right away.

3. Media Actions Are Now Included In Designer

Normally to gain access to Media Actions like gra.media.new.video in order to incorporate media playback in your app, you would have to copy the media.sbat action template from the MediaPlayer sample, as discussed in This article.

This is very unintuitive for new users who often wondered how to access those media actions in their own projects. Storyboard 8.0 now includes these actions as part of the default action suite for any project.


These are just some of the new quality of life changes included in Storyboard 8.0 that are a nice breath of air when working on any project. The best part about these kinds of changes it that even though they are small, they can really add up when it comes to shortening development time.





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