Export Storyboard IO Events as Lua and Java Script Files

Storyboard 8.0 has introduced the ability to export your Storyboard IO events to new file types instead of the standard C/C++ Header File.
Namely: Lua and Javascript files.

Take a look at the following sample events defined in this sample application:

Then if we navigate to File>Export>Storyboard Development>Storyboard IO Event Export

This will bring you to the event export menu:

Select the desired file types to be exported and then click Finish.

You will now see that in your project's Scripts folder the new files will be present:

JavaScript file:

// Incoming events
var test_event_one_event = "test_event_one";
var test_event_one_fmt = "8u1 variable0 2u1 variable1 1s0 variable2";
const test_event_one_event_object = {
variable0 : 0,
variable1 : 0,
variable2 : "",

// Outgoing events
var test_event_two_event = "test_event_two";
var test_event_two_fmt = "1s1 variable0";
const test_event_two_event_object = {
variable0 : 0,


-- Incoming events
local test_event_one_event = "test_event_one"
local test_event_one_fmt = "8u1 variable0 2u1 variable1 1s0 variable2"
local test_event_one_event_table = {}
test_event_one_event_table["variable0"] = 0
test_event_one_event_table["variable1"] = 0
test_event_one_event_table["variable2"] = ""

-- Outgoing events
local test_event_two_event = "test_event_two"
local test_event_two_fmt = "1s1 variable0"
local test_event_two_event_table = {}
test_event_two_event_table["variable0"] = 0





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