Technical question on Crank Demo Image on NXP's i.MX8M NANO board


The demo after boot up of the board was observed only once on the display and once the board is rebooted it will it will just flash once and turn off. A video with the issue is attached FYR. The steps followed by me are as follows:

->The 'CrankSoftware_demo_iMX8MNano-v6.1.0' was downloaded from the link ''

-> The image 'CrankSoftware_demo_iMX8MNano-v6.1.0.sdcard' was copied on the sdcard.

-> The sdcard was inserted inside the i.MX 8M NANO board and booted up using sdcard. 

-> all steps are followed as mentioned in the pdf with demo. Guide me with the solution to overcome and correct this issue.




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    Hi Rohan,

    looks like you just attached a png image rather than a video but no worries. Could you access and modify the image launcher script in the target image to add some trace verbosity and capture the output from the console to a file. You should be able to SSH into the board or alternatively you can mount the SD Card on a Linux desktop image and edit that way.

    You can see some info on this here: Running Storyboard Engine – Crank Software

    I don't have the iMX8 image to hand but you can see the general approach to modifying the start-up in this article (step 2) : Developing with Storyboard and Linux on the STM32MP15x Discovery Kit – Crank Software

    Add or modify the launcher command to include the following:

    -vvvv -ologger,output=console.log

    If you can share the console.log file then we can see if there are any errors on start-up.


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