Storyboard 8.0 - NOW AVAILABLE

The GUI is one of the most critical components of any embedded device. It is the first thing users see and how they interact with the product. Ensuring the embedded GUI application works as intended is essential to exceeding customer experience expectations.

With our 8.0 release of Storyboard the process of testing, enhancing, and deploying exceptional GUI experiences just got easier.

Some of the enhancements that Storyboard 8.0 provides include:

  • A redesigned GUI editor for a more simplified and intuitive user experience
  • The introduction of support for a new scripting language (psst… it’s JavaScript)
  • The introduction of a new embedded testing framework designed specifically for testing Storyboard-built GUI applications
  • The ability to detect component changes outside of the component editor has been added to Designer
  • SCP transfer now transfers the runtime along with the project to the target streamlining the deployment process
  • When importing design files from Sketch, the images are now consolidated on import
  • And more!


 Want to learn how Storyboard 8.0 can help you unleash the potential of your embedded GUI experiences?  CLICK HERE to register for our on-demand webianr




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