Issues Simulating A Nested Project

When trying to simulate, some customers  have encountered the error: "Project Selection Missing - A Storyboard project needs to be selected in order to simulate". This error can be very confusing especially when your project is currently present and open in Storyboard Designer.

Usually this issue is caused by the folder structure that the project currently sits in. Meaning that in these cases the project is likely nested several folders deep, but when the project was imported, the parent directory was selected as opposed to the actual project directory.

There are a couple of ways to resolve this issue.

The most obvious would be to delete the project from the Project Explorer tab (ensuring not to delete it from the filesystem) and then just import it again at the right directory level. This is totally valid, just a little more involved.

Another approach is to right click the parent folder and select Configure -> Configure and Detect Nested Projects.

This will open up a dialog where you can select the project directory to be imported. 
After that, it should all be working as expected.




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