gre.input.disconnect/reconnect Seemingly Not Working

You may find yourself trying to use gre.input.reconnect or gre.input.disconnect and find yourself confused as to why it isn't working.

The problem is a misalignment in the documentation vs what the engine is expecting.

While the docs specify the event names as gre.input.disconnect and gre.input.reconnect, the engine is actually expecting events named: gre.devinput.disconnect and gre.devinput.reconnect respectively.

It's worth noting that gre.devinput.disconnect does not need any arguments passed to it, but gre.devinput.reconnect does.

For example, let's say you had a mouse device plugged into your hardware and you were sending these events over iogen. This would look something like:

./iogen sb no_target gre.devinput.disconnect


./iogen sb no_target gre.devinput.reconnect 1s0:options "mouse=/dev/input/event2"

This documentation error is present in 7.X but has been corrected for future versions of the product.




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