Storyboard Suite Ubuntu Permissions Issue / JVM Exit Code 13

Some Ubuntu users have reported that after a fresh install of the Storyboard Suite when they attempt to launch Storyboard they are met with only an error popup.

This popup usually has a generic message like “JVM terminated. Exit code=13” followed by configuration information.

This issue is likely due to missing permissions for the current user level.
When the suite has been installed as a root user, executable permission is only given to the root user level. So if a non-root user is attempting to launch Storyboard, they will be met with an error popup.

The simplest way to resolve this issue is to manually change the permissions of the files. One way to do this is to find all the executables and then change their permissions.

Navigate to the Crank_Software directory and run:

sudo find . -executable -exec chmod 0755 \{\} \;

This will ensure all executable files are executable for every user.
After this you should be able to launch Storyboard without issue.





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