VIDEO: Dynamic memory usage in Storyboard GUI development

When it comes to GUI development being aware of the amount of memory that is needed is vital. Too little and you’ll find that you will have to make design concessions. Too much and your bill of materials cost might be unnecessarily high. While Storyboard does its best to minimize resource consumption, it’s important to understand how the visual complexity of your application impacts the memory consumption of an embedded device.

During this advanced Storyboard user training session, we will cover how images, fonts, and tables consume memory, different approaches to minimizing memory consumption, and how Lua and Storyboard IO use memory in GUI applications.

This webinar covers:

  • How images consume memory and the best courses of action to reduce their impact on memory 

  • Mitigation strategies for the consumption of memory by fonts Render extensions that can consume memory

  • What happens to the memory when you use tables, data variables, and screen transitions

  • The impact that Storyboard IO and Lua scripts has on memory

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