VIDEO: Working with tables and scrolling content in an embedded GUI using Storyboard

Join Sarah Collie, Crank Software Application Developer, as she discusses how tables that scroll horizontally or vertically can help make the introduction of large amounts of information into a Storyboard embedded GUI application much easier.

We are often challenged with creating visually stunning embedded graphic user interfaces (GUIs) that fit large amounts of information alongside vital navigation controls all in a layout that does not confuse or frustrate the end-user.

During this 45-minute advanced Storyboard training session, we will cover how to set up scrolling layers and tables, the important variables that need to be addressed to build dynamic content, including those for creating scrolling/dragging Storyboard events, and constructing infinite scrolling lists and bars.

This video covers:

  • How to introduce scrolling within your Storyboard embedded GUI application

  • The differences between scrolling and dragging

  • Setting up scrolling tables and bars

  • Creating infinite scrolling lists

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