VIDEO: Improved GUI development – Decoupling communication between your user interface and system logic

Join Crank Software Co-Founder and VP of R&D, Thomas Fletcher, as he discusses the different methods for connecting the logic of the user interface with the system or backend logic.

During this advanced Storyboard discussion, we will look at how the event-based communications protocol of Storyboard, Crank Software’s UI design and development tool, provides flexibility to build both open and closed-loop communication paths and how those differences can have an impact on the user experience.

You’ll also learn how embedded product testing and validation activities surrounding the user interface can be more easily accomplished in a configuration where the user interface and back-end logic are decoupled from one another.

This 45 minute live session is geared towards advanced Storyboard users looking to take their knowledge of Storyboard to the next level.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why you should use events and messaging, alternatives, and how this protocol decouples your UI and system

  • Defining events, a walkthrough of the Events Editor and formatting strings and data payloads

  • Ways to package/encapsulate complex data

  • How this helps with testing and debugging

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