Creating a 3D Model Application

This quick tutorial will show how to use the 3D Model Control with a new project.

New Project

Create a new project by either File > New > Storyboard Application or selecting New Empty Project from the Application View.


Give your project a name and click Finish.

3D Model Control

Once the empty project loads add a 3D Model Control to the screen.


The 3D Model Selection dialog will pop up enabling you can navigate to the 3D model you want to load.


Click on the Import button to select your FBX or OBJ model.


The 3D model is then converted to our .ssg format and placed in a newly created models directory at the root of your project. You can now choose the model to be used in your project.


Resize Model

Once the model loads it might not be immediately visible. In that case you can make use of the Resize Model option in the properties view of the 3D model Control. This option modifies some of the camera coordinates to make the model visible.


The 3D model should now be visible after using the Resize Model option.


Further manipulation of the 3D model properties may be needed in order to place the model in the desired position.

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