Release Notes 7.0

New Features and Functionality


  • Allow and editor style resizing of table cells similar to what other tools with tables allow.

  • The colour picker on Windows is no longer confusing.

  • Designer now allows you to specify a region of the screen to be dumped to a screen dump image.

  • The C header exporter now has an option to specify the image stride alignment when exporting images in DirectRGB8888 mode.

  • The C header exporter now has an option for export DirectRGB8888 images with premultiplied alpha.

  • A new screen transition has been added which is the screen-drag transition

  • The C header export will now perform a smart export of images based on what the global value is. If the global value is set to RGB565 for example, the C header export will export any images that have alpha asDirectRLE8888 or Direct8888 based on which is smaller.

  • The palette is now themed correctly when using the dark theme.

  • There is now a toggle action that will toggle a data variable from one value to another without the need for going to Lua.

  • The function gre.animation_get_state now reports the duration of an animation

  • The table padding labels now update based on whether the horizontal or vertical option is checked.

  • The error messages for the PSD import process have been expanded to include more details about why a PSD failed to import.

  • The variable list in the render extension properties has been removed.


  • An event listener API has been added to Lua.

  • The runtime now supports dumping a region of the screen to a screen dump image.

  • There is now an API to cancel screen transitions

  • The loading of mapargs in Lua calls is deferred until the user requests a member of the mapargs

  • Storyboard engine now has support for the Wayland IVI shell interface for the OpenGL render manager

  • Storyboard now has a screen swipe screen transition that tracks mouse movement.

  • The iOS runtime is now built with the latest SDK from Apple.

  • The metrics plugin is now able to provide memory information on the FreeRTOS MCUXPresso targets.

  • The version of Freetype that is used with the FreeType font manager plugin was updated to 2.10.2.

  • The gre.redraw event now has an event payload that contains the rectangle of the area that was redrawn.

  • System and performance logging now use a high resolution timestamp in microsecond units.

  • Scrolling will now accelerate when consecutive gestures are performed.

  • The logging now works with the slog2 application on QNX platforms

  • There is now a Lua API to check the animation state and it will report one of progress, paused, stopped,or complete.

  • The grd_width and grd_height variables can now be passed to GL shaders.

  • Add an interface so that plugins can be notified of when text is being drawn, and how it is being drawn.

  • The PowerVR version that Storyboard builds it’sWindows OpenGL render manager against was updated to version 2019r2

  • The Android runtime libraries now have a DT_SONAME, which removes the warning that was generated when using an Android API greater than version 23.

  • The total amount of time that it takes to load Lua files is reported in the trace output.

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