Integrating Storyboard Comparator into GIT

To integrate Storyboard Comparator into your git workflow is pretty straightforward. This article will walk you through the setup steps for developers as well as for the integration infrastructures such as GitLab or Bitbucket.

Prerequisites: You have already installed Storyboard Comparator on the server or desktop.


Storyboard Comparator automatically gets installed along with Storyboard Designer.

  1. Setup your project to point to the Storyboard compare for .gde merges

    In your project’s root directory include a .gitattributes file and add the following line

    *.gde merge=mergegde
  2. Next, you need to set up the .gitconfig in your home directory to configure the git merge driver

    Infrastructure recommended settings:

    [merge "mergegde"]
         driver=\"C:\\Program Files\\Storyboard_Comparator\StoryboardComparator.exe"  -quiet -headless -output=%A %O %A %B 

    Developer recommended settings:

    [merge "mergegde"]
         driver=\""C:\\Program Files\\Storyboard_Comparator\\StoryboardComparator.exe\" -quiet -output=%A %O %A %B 
    [mergetool "mergegde"]
    	cmd = \""C:\\Program Files\\Storyboard_Comparato\\StoryboardComparator.exe\"  -quiet $BASE $LOCAL $REMOTE  -output=./Project/MyProject.gde
    	trustExitCode = false
  3. With this setup the Storyboard Comparator will run when you do a git merge <branch> . Optionally, with the developer setup, you can also invoke the compare with git mergetool

    --tool=mergegde {Name of GDE}

Storyboard Comparator Options

StoryboardComparator.exe [-quiet] [-headless|manual] [-output=/path/to/result.gde]  {ancestor} {current} {other}

Table 3. Syntax




(optional) Suppresses output from tool and splash screen


(optional) will suppress the visual diff regardless of the result and just attempt an automatic merge, exiting if a failure occurs. Typically used in a continuous integration environment.


(optional) will skip an automatic merge attempt and jump straight into the visual diff of the files


(optional) The merged content will be stored into the {current} file by default but can be redirected by specifying -output=newfilename


Full path file name of common ancestor of the two .gde files being compared


Full path file name of locally changed .gde to be compared


Full path file name of remote changed .gde to be compared

Storyboard Designer

Alternately Storyboard Designer can be used for compares with a similar syntax:

${SB_DESIGNER_EXT} -nosplash -application com.crank.gdt.merge.gdemerge ${ancestor} ${current} ${other}

Here the ${SB_DESIGNER_EXT} represents the path to your Storyboard Designer executable and will vary based on your operating system and installation path. For a standard Windows distribution you would find the Storyboard Designer binary in

C:\Program Files\Crank Software\Storyboard_Designer\Crank Storyboard.exe

while on a MacOS system is may be

/Applications/Crank_Software/Storyboard_Designer/ Storyboard
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