VIDEO: How Embedded UI Teams Develop Remotely with Storyboard

Thomas Fletcher, Co-Founder, and VP of R&D speaks about the UI development tools our clients (and own team) are leveraging today to connect remotely and keep embedded projects moving forward.

Embedded systems and UI development can be complicated. Factor in social distancing and teams being forced to continue development remotely, and the situation has become even more complex. But it doesn’t have to be!

Get a first-hand perspective into how Thomas is managing his dispersed team, and how they are continuing to collaborate on UI development for our client’s Storyboard projects.

Hear about our newest feature update for the Storyboard IO Connector and its support for TCP/IP, and how you can leverage it to inject events over a network, effectively decoupling the need for the UI and back-end to be physically deployed in the same location.

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