PIC32MZ Demo Image

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Demo Details

Link:Demo Image

Image Name: CrankSoftware_demo_PIC32MZ-v6.0.0

Rendering Technology: swrender

Demo Resolution:480x272

Operating System: FreeRTOS

This demo image includes the following demos:

  • Coffee Maker

Flashing the PIC32MZ

  • Then select "Prebuilt(...) Project"

  • Browse to the sbdemo.elf file

  • For Device, select: PIC32MZ2064DAG169

  • Once the project is ready, right click and select "Make and Program Device"

  • For the Hardware Tool, select the Microchip Kits->Starter Kits (PKOB)-> PIC32 DA Starter Kit

  • Once this is complete, the demo will be flashed and ready to autoboot

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