Storyboard IO Over TCP

It is possible to send events over TCP as long as the greio-tcp library is available on your system. In order to completely disable TCP functionality from Storyboard Engine, you may remove the greio-tcp library from your device all together.

A TCP connection is specified by the format of the Storyboard IO channel name.


tcp://<port or channel>


tcp://<IP address>:<port or channel>

The default IP address is (localhost). The default port is 50000.

If using a port number, the valid range is 49152..65535. If a text channel name is used, Storyboard IO will hash the string into a port value within the valid range of 49152..65535.

The following are examples of valid GREIO TCP channel names.


  • tcp:// (Will use default port of 50000)

  • tcp://55555

  • tcp://my_channel


  • tcp:// (IP and port 50000)

  • tcp://55555 (IP

  • tcp://my_channel (IP

  • tcp://

  • tcp://

  • tcp://dev-machine101:my_channel

As shown above, if the network is configured to assign host names to machines on the network, these can be used in place of IPv4 addresses, provided that the machine has DNS capabilities.

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