CANVAS:draw text

CANVAS:draw_text(text, attrs)

Draw a string within the canvas directed by the user specified properties.

Parameters: text The text string to display attrs A table of properties containing information about how to draw the text. This table can contain the following keys: font The font to use to render the text (required, no default) x The x position of the upper left corner of the image (default 0) y The y position of the upper left corner of the image (default 0) size The point size to render the text at (default 18) color The color to render the text in (default black:0x00000) rotation The angle in degrees to render the text at (default 0)

-- Draw a hello world string centered on the canvas
function DrawCenteredText(name)
    local msg = "Hello World"
    local canvas = gre.get_canvas(name)
    local size = canvas:get_dimensions()
    local attrs = {}
    attrs.font = "fonts/RobotoBold.ttf"
    attrs.size = 24
    local strSize = gre.get_string_size(attrs.font, attrs.size, msg, 0)
    attrs.x = (size.width - strSize.width) / 2
    attrs.y = (size.height - strSize.height) / 2
    canvas:draw_text("Hello World", attrs)
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