gre.set control attrs


Set properties for a control.  The control_name is the name of the control or a variable. The tag_table contains the tags and values for the properties to set.

        x,  y, width, height, hidden, active, zindex, findex, effect

In the case of the focus index (findex), the initial value set in Storyboard Designer must be non-zero in order for it to be changed dynamically at runtime

The effect tag is a special attribute that can be used with OpenGL rendering platforms to apply a custom shader directly as an effect on the control object

Parameters: control_name The model full path of the control to change properties on tag_table A table with tags as the keys and the new values stored as the table's key values Examples:

function set_control_hidden()
    local dk_data = {}
    dk_data["hidden"] = 1
    gre.set_control_attrs("my_control", dk_data)       
function set_control_blur_effect()
    local dk_data = {}
    local effect = {}

    effect["name"] = "blur"
    effect["passes"] = 3
    effect["radius"] = 1
    effect["composite"] = true

    dk_data["effect"] = effect
    gre.set_control_attrs("my_control", dk_data)
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