Hiding/Showing Design States

All Design States

When not actively working with Design States, they can all be hidden instantly. Toggling Hide All Design States will override the visibility of Design States so that none are visible. Toggling Show All Design States will restore them to their previous visibility, those Design States that were individually hidden will remain hidden.

  • CTRL+D (Windows/Linux), COMMAND+D (Mac)

  • View > Hide/Show All Design States

  • In the Storyboard editor , right-click and select View > Hide/Show All Design States

Individual States

Individual Design States can be hidden/shown in the Application Model View. You may want to hide all the Design States that are not related to the current task you are working on. Visible Design States will have an effect on the performance of the GDE Editor. By hiding Design States, the Storyboard editor has less drawing to do, so it will be inherently quicker.

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