Object Naming and Reserved Namespaces

As you create your application you will encounter a number of situations where you will need to determine the name of an object. This might be the name of a screen, layer or control if you aren't importing from Photoshop or this might be name of an event or event a Lua file or function. Being consistent with your names will help your application stay organized and avoid conflict.

Storyboard establishes and reserves several namespaces to ensure that system events and actions do not conflict with user defined functionality.


This prefix is reserved for all of the Storyboard internal variables. These are the variables that are associated with specific properties of model objects and are generally manipulated from Lua scripts.


This prefix is reserved for all of the Storyboard standard events. You will see this prefix when you are picking events to trigger your actions. When you create your own events, you should avoid the gre. prefix.


This prefix is reserved for all of the Storyboard defined actions. This action is the runtime identifier and is something that you would encounter if you were creating your own actions using the Storyboard SDK product.

In addition to the reserved namespaces, Storyboard Designer enforces a number of naming rules:

  • Starts with a character a-z/A-Z not a digit or special character. Only _ (underscore) is supported as a special character and there can be no spaces in names.

  • Screens and layers must be uniquely named. Controls and groups can use the same names as long as they have different parent containers. Two controls within the same layer can't have the same name.

  • Variables can not have the same name as model objects in their parent container. For example you can't declare a layer variable button and have a control on the same layer named button.

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