Extending Storyboard Functionality

Storyboard, in its default configuration, provides enough standard functionality to satisfy most application development requirements. When additional functionality is required, there are several ways in which users can choose to extend the behavior of both Storyboard Designer and Engine.

  • Custom Lua modules provide a way to integrate access to existing C/C++ libraries. The Lua extension interface is a well documented and standard way to add new functionality to the Lua scripting environment. Storyboard includes a sample demonstrating how this integration occurs in the Lua Custom Module sample. If event based communication using Storyboard IO is not suitable for the application, then this is a preferred route for accessing external data required by the user interface.

  • The Storyboard SDK is an additional product that compliments the base Storyboard with the necessary API documentation and samples that allow users to create their own Storyboard Engine plugins. Storyboard plugins can be used to contribute new event sources, actions or render extensions. Using the Storyboard SDK one can also interact directly with the Engine's logging, performance metrics and data manager to perform various introspection activities at runtime.

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