Problems View

The Problems view shows a list of all problem markers that are created within the workspace. Storyboard provides a project analysis mode that runs in the background to examine Storyboard models and report on design concerns. To enable or disable this analysis mode you can change the Storyboard workspace preference setting in Windows > Preferences > Storyboard > Enable Background Storyboard Project Analyzers.

When the Storyboard Project Analyzers are enabled, the model will be scanned and analyzed and discovered issues will be reported into the Problems View as the workspace resources change. Issues that are scanned and reported include:

  • Mismatched image color depths. If a 32bit color image is used with a 16bit color display there is a possibility the image will be distorted on the target.

  • Fill hides content. If a fill masks on top of other content it can be an ineffective use of processing resources on target devices.

  • Missing render extension content. For example, a control with an image render extension that is not defined or does not exist. This may cause the embedded target to perform additional computations.

  • Scaled or rotated static image content. Since static images do not change at runtime, the work required to scale or rotate an image could be replaced by a fixed cost of rotating or scaling the image during the design. This will reduce the amount of processing required at runtime.

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