Storyboard Designer Environment

Storyboard Designer is a design and development environment for creating full-screen, deployment-ready applications for embedded platforms using the Storyboard Embedded Engine.

Using Storyboard Designer designers incorporate graphic content and artwork directly into the application design process. The imported images (gif, jpeg, png, psd) are used as control surfaces that application developers can bind action behavior to, based on externally generated input events.

Graphic designers already have a set of design tools for creating and manipulating images. Storyboard Designer is not meant as a replacement for these tools, but is intended to provide a binding environment where static images can be animated into multi-screen applications by allowing graphics designers to easily import their work into an application design.

Storyboard Designer is intended for use by both graphic designers and embedded applications developers and is based on the extensible Eclipse framework (

Embedded software developers typically work in C or C++ development environments. Storyboard Designer integrates into the CDT, the most common Eclipse based embedded development environment, so application user interface development can easily be done in parallel with other embedded software development.

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