Setting up Gestures

A quick HowTo for getting gestures up and running in Storyboard Suite.

Add Action

By default, the gesture events are not included in the available Events list. You will need to add them manually.

Right-click the control you want to add the action to, and select Add -> Action. Then click the Add button to the right of the Event Filter text box.


New Event

You will see the New Event dialog box. This is where you add the gesture events to the list. You will need to do this for all the gesture events you want to use in your application, including gre.gesture.up, gre.gesture.down, gre.gesture.left, and gre.gesture.right


Gesture Events

Now that you have added the gesture events you will be able to select them in the Events list to trigger actions.


Command-Line Options

By default both single and multi touch gestures are disabled so we need to pass the -ogesture,mode=single option to sbengine. (single allows for single touch gestures. multi allows for both single and multi-touch gestures)

Once you have added the command-line option to sbengine, click Apply then Run and you now have gestures enabled in your Storyboard Application.


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